How to Help

  1. Self discipline happens when a child CHOOSES to give up something they want for something they want more. They have to be able to change on their own.
  2. Help them learn reparations. This is when you ask them if there is something they can do to make the situation better. Let them think of this – if you hand them the answer they will most likely disagree (if they break something they need to help pay for a replacement – but again, let them come to this conclusion)
  3. Help them develop good judgement. Questions are the best way to do this. Here are some examples:
    1. “What were you wanting to have happen when you did this?”
    2. “Was there some part of you that said ‘Don’t do this’?”
    3. “How did that work out for you?”
    4. “How did it work out for other people involved?”
    5. “What else could you have done?”
    6. “Right, you could have done X…how do you think that would have worked out? What would have happened then?”
  4. Be kind, but FIRM. They will still try to test you. Stay positive and cheerful while still maintaining your boundaries