Leading The Movement


NSI is the international authority and official governing body dedicated to setting the course for the future of Ninja Sports. Through our commitment to world-class safety and education, we ensure the continued growth of Ninja Sports, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. By remaining true to the spirit of global innovation and collaboration upon which Ninja Sports were founded, we provide a competitive stage that spotlights the skills of our athletes and creates an engaging fan experience worldwide.



  • Spreading the word

    Ninja Sports are growing. Help us define what Ninja Sports are from freestyle movement, obstacle training, and more. Ninja Sports is quickly becoming the new staple in alternative sport.

  • Setting the standard in safety

    One of the first steps in defining any new sport is setting the standards for safety. NSI is committed to protecting every athlete that participates in Ninja Sports and ensuring trainers, locations and competitions adhere to these standards.

  • Creating a community of athletes

    Creating a better way to compete and a network of competitors is just one of the many goals of Ninja Sports International. Join the movement today and be part of this growing community of athletes.

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