Welcome to the 1st Annual NinjaCon!

Indianapolis, IN


NinjaCon 2018 Agenda

Saturday, February 24th

Group Conference – Cambria Hotel & Suites, Westfield, IN

8:00:  Doors open for check-in
8:30-9:  Breakfast and mingle
9-9:25: Welcome, Icebreaker, Recognitions
9:25-10:15: Casey Wright, “What is NSI?: Why Us, Why Now?”
10:15-10:25: Change your state
10:30-11:00: Michael McElhany, Parent Retention
11:00-11:15: Kyleigh Mazer, “What’s new in Ninja Sport in 2018?”
11:15-11:55: “Ask Me Anything: Panel Discussion”
Noon: Lunch
1pm-5pm: Coaches travel to Grand Park for NSI Training
1pm: Owners and Splinters reconvene in conference space

Coach Track Afternoon Agenda – Grand Park Events Center

NSI Level 1 Certification training and testing at Grand Park
Groups of Coaches will be split up for both classroom training
and in-gym training.
Upon test completion, Coaches will be released back to the hotel before the evening’s festivities.

1:30-3:00: Session 1
3:15-4:45: Session 2
4:50-5:00: Group A skills test
5:05-5:15: Group B Skills test
5:15-6:00: Written testing opening

Owner Track Afternoon Agenda – Cambria Hotel & Suites

12:45-1:15: Erica Peregrine, “Starting with Why”
1:15-1:55: Scott Rudicel, “Be Our Guest”
2:00-2:30: Shane Harden, “The Hiring Process”
2:30-2:35: Change your state
2:40-3:05: Audra Dittlinger, “Club Culture and Communication”
3:10-3:45: Megan Noel, “Level Up Your Marketing”
3:45-3:55: Break
4:00-4:45: Tate Schuetz & Tyler Allen, “Making the Most of Your Brand”
4:45-5:00: Announcements and Closing
*5:15-5:30: Optional post-conference discussion with Casey Wright about NZElite
7:00-9:00: NinjaCon Mixer – Grand Park Event Center 
It is our pleasure to invite you to hang out, socialize, grab a drink and some yummy appetizers, and get to know your fellow Ninjas. We will gather at Grand Park Event Center Cafe’ (across from NZ Academy) around 7pm on Saturday.
7-7:30: Welcome and mingle
7:30: NSI Coach Certification Ceremony
*Door prizes will be announced throughout the evening.

Sunday, February 25th

*This day’s events are optional. 
10:00 Ninja Games at Wright’s FUNdamentals North begins
10:00-11:30 Session 1
12:15-1:45 Session 2
2:30-4:00 Session 3*
During these sessions, we will be offering optional training workshops at Grand Park. More details will be released as they are confirmed. Each NinjaCon spectator will be assigned a session to attend and observe.
You will have a seat (in the VIP section, thankyouverymuch) during your assigned session. When you are not observing Ninja Games, we encourage you to join us at Grand Park for a workshop, or take in the sights and sounds of Westfield.
*Session times are approximate.



What should I wear?
If you plan to be NSI certified while you are in Indy, you’ll want to wear comfortable clothes, and plan to spend some time in the gym. If you’re attending the Owner/Splinter track of the conference, dress code is business casual.
The NinjaCon mixer on Saturday evening has a Ninja theme (I know, right…we’re full of surprises! LOL), and headbands are strongly encouraged.
Sunday’s Ninja Games spectators are invited to wear their spiffy new NinjaCon 2018 shirt!

How far is the conference from the airport?
Via Interstate 465, the trip is about 40 minutes. Alternate routes add about 10 minutes to the commute.

Where is NinjaCon held?
The conference will be held at Cambria Hotel & Suites, Westfield IN. There is also a room block available at this hotel if you’re still looking for a place to stay. Please reply to this email if you would like contact info for the block. Availability is limited for the NinjaCon room block, and they’ll release the remaining few rooms we have this week, so email us ASAP if you still want to utilize this option!

Where will Ninja Games be held?
If you are traveling home immediately after Ninja Games, you will be roughly (again) 40 minutes from the airport. We’ll be in 3 locations during the conference, and they’re all very close to one another.

Will I need to plan on a rental car or an Uber?
There is not a shuttle available from the airport to the hotel where the conference is held. Coaches will leave the hotel halfway through the conference and travel to Grand Park Academy for their NSI training, and there is a shuttle from the hotel to Grand Park, however it has limited seating. We’ll encourage carpooling (for those that drove or have a rental) and shuttle riding for the Coaches to get from one place to the other. The mixer is also going to be held at Grand Park, so owners and Splinters will travel offsite for that as well, and then back to the hotel to get some beauty sleep.

So, what’s going on with Ninja Games, anyway?
Some may have missed the Games memo, so here are the details: We are inviting all NinjaCon attendees to join us for a Ninja Games Invitational at Wrights FUNdamental’s North location on Sunday. This is an opportunity for anyone interested in observing a Ninja Games to get a sneak peek into the live event! Due to space and seating, we will be splitting up NinjaCon spectators into sessions along with Games, so you have the opportunity to observe a full session (approx 90 minutes).
During your “down time” when you’re not at the gym observing Ninja Games, we will have optional workshops at Grand Park Academy. We will host an exclusive Ninja Games workshop during this time, so you’ll have a chance to learn about Ninja Games in a classroom setting, and then also observe the live event…all in the same day.

Will there be food? 
Yes, but you’ll have to swim the moat and slay a dragon named Phil before you are awarded with cheese and cracker crumbs at the end of your quest.
Of course there will be food. 🙂
Many of you will likely take advantage of your hotel’s continental breakfast on Saturdaymorning, and we will have light breakfast options available at NinjaCon, as well as coffee and water. Lunch will be provided Saturday as well. During the mixer, we will provide appetizers and there will also be a cash bar (be prepared to show ID!). On Sunday, you’re welcome to dine at any of the local restaurants around Westfield.

Where am I going? 
Important addresses:
Indianapolis International Airport:
Cambria Hotel & Suites Westfield (NinjaCon):
18592 Carousel Lane, Westfield, IN 46074
*To book a room, please send an email to support@theninjazone.com so we can provide you with contact info.
NinjaZone Academy at Grand Park (NSI Training/Mixer/Sunday workshop):
*The Academy is located inside the Grand Park Event Center
Wright’s FUNdamental’s North (Ninja Games):