So you coach Ninja classes and you're looking for fresh ideas?

You might ask for advice on Ninja Coach Facebook groups, look up YouTube videos of skills, chat with other Ninja coaches in your gym, or stare at a bunch of mats hoping you’ll come up with something clever and interesting. That last attempt always seems crazy – but you’re actually moving in the right direction. Sure, watching what others do can teach you… but how can you become a Ninja Coach that CREATES your own brilliant ideas?

What if it's all about how you THINK & PLAY?

While it is so important to observe others’ performances (creating a class experience and coaching the students), it’s even more important that you give yourself the opportunity to fail. That’s right – try weird things. Experiment. Repeat. Transforming your mindset as a Coach of children might just be the most critical skill-set of them all. How can you deliver a class experience to your Ninjas that will rock their worlds? Look at the world from their perspectives. 

Ninja Sports International is excited to provide the following steps (we’ll call them secrets since Ninjas are stealthily sneaky) so that Ninja Coaches around the globe can feel empowered and inspired as they become more creative and more confident.

Idea Inspiring Secrets