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Ninja Sports International® (NSI) is the global leader in professional development for Ninja Sports.   Through our commitment to world-class safety and education, we ensure the continued growth of Ninja Sports, while maintaining the highest level of integrity. By remaining true to the spirit of global innovation and collaboration upon which Ninja Sports were founded, we provide a competitive stage which spotlights the skills of our athletes and creates an engaging fan experience worldwide.  NSI is dedicated to setting the course for the future of Ninja Sports.

NSI Coach Membership

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Coaches joining NSI® exemplify their deep commitment to Ninja Sports and professional development. The Annual Coach Membership includes:

• Discounted registration costs for seminars, workshops, and NinjaCon.

• Access to exclusive online certification and resources through the NSI website.



Certified Ninja Coach: Level One

Level One Coach Certification



NSI Certifications are the best way to demonstrate the impact you make every day, while giving yourself a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.

Ninja Sports International is dedicated to growing Ninja Sport. We believe that growth will be accelerated by employing well-educated and certified coaches. NSI is committed to providing certifications on a wide range of topics. A consistent range of topics will be present in each level of certification. Our foundational topics included in all certifications are: leadership, safety, and skills development. No matter the certification type, we will continue to build and improve upon those topics, as they are the fundamental purpose behind being a certified Ninja coach.

Level 1 Certification

lessons include:

• Introduction to NSI

• Fundamental Safety

• Fundamental Movement

• Spotting Basics

• Early Positive Experiences

• Skill Recognition


Estimated Course & Exam Time

3 hrs 15 mins

NSI Certified Coaches

**List of Certified Ninja Coaches is updated on the 15th of every month**

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